Department of Social and Political History

Off., №307, 311, 312, e – maіl: veіd@іpі

Tel: 284-69 85

Scientific achievements of the department are presented in a lot of publications, the recent one of them are the following:

  • “Political mechanisms of forming the civic identity in contemporary Ukrainian society” (Kyiv, 2014).
  • “Ukraine political parties in 2012 parliamentary elections”(Kyiv, 2013).
  • “The Ukrainian multiparty system: parties, electoral blocs and leaders (the end of 1980th – first half of 2012th) (Kyiv, 2012).

The department members are the co-authors of the collective works:

  • “The State and civil society in Ukraine: searching for cooperation concept” (Kyiv, 2013).
  • “The government, society and citizen: the problems of interaction in modern Ukraine” (Kyiv, 2013).
  • “The comparative analysis of the political and ideological process in Ukrainian society in the modernization context” (Kyiv, 2013).
  • “State and Society in Ukraine: Past and Present” (Kyiv, 2013).
  • “History of Political Thought” (Lviv, 2014).

The Department organized such conference as:

  • International Scientific Conference “2012 Parliamentary elections in Ukraine” (2013). The core topic of the conference was the political and legal basis of the electoral process in Ukraine, in particular the ideological characteristics of Ukrainian elections, the identification markers of political parties, and the electoral technologies that were used at the national and regional levels.

Employees of the department:

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