Vladyslav Anatoliyovych Grynevych

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies https://ipiend.gov.ua/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/cropped-logo-1.png https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Інститут_політичних_і_етнонаціональних_досліджень_імені_І._Ф._Кураса_НАН_України 01011, Київ - 11, вул. Генерала Алмазова, 8 Тел.: 285-65-61

Senior Research Fellow of Department of Jewish History and Culture, Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Citizenship Ukraine

Date of Birth August 10, 1959

Degree Ph. D. in History (Kandidatska 1994)

Title of Candidate (Kandidatska) dissertation: “National relations in the Red Army during the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Germans (1942-1944)”.

Position – National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, Department of Jewish Studies, Senior Research Associate

Academic rank – Senior Research Associate (2004)

Field(s) of Specialization: Modern history of Ukraine


  • Kyiv State University: History 1980-1986 Mgr. 1986
  • Institute of History: Postgraduate Program Modern History 1988-1991
  • The Central European Summer University Budapest, Hungary: Jewish History 1998 July

Teaching Experience:

  • Kyiv Air Forces Institute – Associate Professor 1993-1996
  • Kyiv International Solomon University – Associate Professor 1997-to 2005
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Academy – Associate Professor – from 2005 to present

Office Address 8 Kutuzova St., Кyiv-11, Ukraine Fax: (044) 286-15-26(044) 285-73-11;

Ukraine e-mail: milovlada@ukr.net

  1. The theme which is of special interest to me in my research is “Ukrainian Society Under the Stalinist Regime”. My doctoral (Doktor Nauk) dissertation (in progress) is devoted to the study of the relationship between the ruling authorities and Ukrainian society during WWII. My publications on this topic have appeared in a number of academic works prepared by the Institute of History of Ukraine and the Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies (both affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). These publications include: Politychna istoriia Ukrainy u XX st. [Political History of Ukraine in the 20th Century]; Ukraina i Rosiia v istorychnii retrospektyvi [Ukraine and Russia in Historical Retrospective]; Holodomor 1932-1933 rr. [The Great Famine in Ukraine 1932-1933]; Teror I teroryzm v Ukraini u XX st. [Terror and Terrorism in Ukraine in the 20th c.]; etc. (see the bibliography of my publications).
  2. One of the projects in the framework of which I have studied this problem is the preparation of a collection of documents: Osobi papky Stalina pro borot’bu z national’no-vyzvol’nym rukhom v Ukraine [Stalin’s Special Dossiers on the Fight against the National-Liberation Movement in Ukraine], under the supervision of Prof. Ya. Dashkevych of the Lviv branch of the Institute of Ukrainian Archaeography.
  3. The problem of the formation of myths of WW II is one of the main questions at the epicenter of my research. I have participated in a number of international conferences dealing with this topic, and my publications have appeared in foreign scholarly periodicals such as Osteuropa (Berlin) and Neprikosnovennyi zapas (Moscow), as well as the Kyiv journal Krytyka. A number of my articles devoted to this topic have also appeared in the Kyiv newspaper Dzerkalo tyzhnia and the journal Suchasnist’.
  4. In view of the importance of the problem of the history of WWII for Ukrainian society I often participate in various television and radio programs on channels such as “1+1” “5th Channel” etc. In 2005 I participated, in the capacity of an academic consultant and commentator, in the preparation of a three-part television documentary film entitled “The Other Side of the War” which was prepared by the “Era” television channel on the occasion of the date of the beginning of the German-Soviet War of 1941-1945. I am also an academic expert, for programs dealing with the history of Ukraine, for “Radio Liberty” [“Radio Svoboda”].
  5. Since 2005 I have taught special courses on the History of WWII and The Myths of WWII for the Kyiv Mohyla Academy.
  6. I have also conducted research on the history of Jews in Ukraine. I am the author of a number of publications on this topic; e.g., “Kyivs’kyi soiuz ievreiv-voiniv 1917-1918 rr.” [“The Kyiv Union of Jewish Soldiers 1917-1918”], articles for Ukrains’ka istorychna entsykopediia [The Ukrainian Historical Encyclopedia] (in print), and some of my publications have appeared in Hebrew. I actively cooperate with the Institute of Judaica in Kyiv and I am the academic editor of the project Entsykopediia z istorii I kul’tury ievreiv Ukrainy [Encyclopedia of the History and Culture of the Jews of Ukraine] which is now being prepared for publication.