Department of Ethno-Political Science

Head of Department, Professor Victor Anatoliyovych Voynalovych,
Doctor of Political Sciences.

The Department focuses on the research of general theoretical and practical problems of ethnic policy, political history, church and ethno-confessional relations.

The main activities of the department in the sphere of ethno-political science are the following:

  • studying general trends of ethno-social development in Ukraine in comparison with processes of globalization and inter-civilization relations undergoing in the world;
  • development of concept of ethno-group and individual rights relation, national and individual self-determination;
  • analysis of legal basis, institutions and mechanisms of state ethno-national policy in Ukraine, its purposes, tendencies and results;
  • finding of reasons and factors of inter-ethnic collisions and conflicts in Ukraine, in-depth research of the theory of ethnic conflict;
  • analysis of activities of public organizations and leaders of national minorities, their role in inter-ethnic relations in Ukraine;
  • research in the sphere of psychology and culture of inter-ethnic relations, including types of inter-ethnic communication though mass media, in the sphere of political linguistics;
  • development of recommendations to authorities and administrations on optimization of ethno-national policy.

During the last ten years the Department developed the following research topics:

  • Ukrainian Priorities in Geopolitical Space (1995-1998).
  • National Integration in Multicultural Society (1999-2001).
  • Ethno-Political Relations under Circumstances of Social Transformation in Ukraine (2002-2004).

Starting from 2005, the Department is working on the topic “Regional Aspects of Ethno-Political Development in Ukraine in 1992-2007”.

In September 2003 the Department held the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Ethno-Political Science in Ukraine: Gains, Problems, Prospects”.

In 2004 the Department was the base to fulfill the unplanned topic “Ethno-Political Sphere of Ukraine: Retrospective, Nowadays, Prospects”.

In 2005 the Department was the base to fulfill the unplanned topic “Regional Versions of Ukrainian National Idea: Common and Different”.

The research in the sphere of political history is conducted by the Centre of Historical Political Science (headed by Professor Y.I. Shapoval, Doctor of Historical Sciences), a part of the Department structure.

Employees of the department:

  1. Victor Anatoliyovych Voynalovych – Head of Department of Ethno-Political Science, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine
  2. Viktor Evgenievych Elenskyi – Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor
  3. Volodymyr Mykhaylovych Kulyk – Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences
  4. Yuriy Mykolayovych Polischuk – Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor
  5. Mykola Yurioivych Riabchuk – Leading Research Scientist, Candidate of Political Sciences
  6. Vitaliy Oleksandrovych Pereveziy – Secretary of Studies, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor
  7. Sergiy Yuriyovych Rymarenko – Senior Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences, Senior Research Scientist
  8. Ruslan Volodymyrovych Kaminskyi – Junior Research Scientist
  9. Svitlana Valeriyovna Nabok – Junior Research Scientist, Candidate of Historical Sciences

Contacts: Tel: 285 9378

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