Department of Ethno-Political Science

Head of Department – Prof. Viktor Voinalovych

The Department of Ethnopolitical Studies was established in 1996 to study the problems of theory and history of national relations, modern ethnopolitical processes. At different times, the department was headed by: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine I. Kuras (1996-1998), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor O. Maiboroda (1998-2006), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Y. Shapoval (2006-2012).

Since 2013, the department has been headed by Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor V. Voinalovych.

The activities of the department focus on the study of general theoretical and practical problems of ethno-national policy, analysis of its conceptual and legal principles, clarification of historical and regional aspects, features of development and implementation of state ethno-national policy in Ukraine at the present stage.

Main research topics of the department’s scholars:

  • legal foundations, institutions and mechanisms of the Ukrainian state’s ethnonational policy, its goals, dimensions and results;
  • general tendencies of ethnosocial development in Ukraine in relation to processes of globalization and civilization interaction in the world;
  • relationship between collective and individual rights, national and personal self-determination;
  • causes and factors of interethnic tensions and conflicts in Ukraine; theories of ethnic conflict;
  • ethnopolitical culture in contemporary Ukraine;
  • politics of memory and its conceptual foundations;
  • psychology and culture of interethnic relations, their main problems, trends and prospects, integrative and disintegrative potential of religion;
  • recommendations to the authorities on the optimization of the state’s ethnonational policy.

Main tasks of the department’s scholarly activities:

  • conduct theoretical and empirical research on the main topics of the department’s expertise;
  • prepare recommendations of the implementation of the research findings in practice;
  • conduct monitoring of social and political processes;
  • cooperate with legislative and executive powers, local self-government bodies and public associations in the elaboration of strategies and programs, provide recommendations on appropriate administrative decisions;
  • dissemination of the research findings in scholarly publications, conference presentations in Ukraine and abroad, in mass media and at the Institute’s website.

Past and current projects of the department:

1995-1998 – “Ukrainian priorities in geopolitical space”
1999-2001 – “National integration in multicultural society”
2002-2004 – “Ethnopolitical relations in the context of social transformation in Ukraine”
2002-2007 – “Regional aspects of the ethnopolitical sphere in Ukraine, 1992-2007”
2008-2009 – “Ethnopolitical culture in Ukraine”
2010-2011 – “Ethnopolitical culture: its specifics in Ukraine and current challenges”
2012-2013 – “Historical memory and ethnocultural identities in contemporary Ukraine”
2012-2013 – “Politics of memory in contemporary Ukraine: ethnopolitical aspects”
2014-2016 – “Ethnopolitical context of sociocultural transformation in contemporary Ukraine”
2017-2019 – “Ethnopolitical factors of the consolidation of contemporary Ukrainian society”
2020-2022 – “Ethnopolitics in Ukraine in the context of contemporary sociopolitical changes: state, challenges, prospects”

Researchers of the department

  1. Viktor Voynalovych – Head of Department of Ethno-Political Science, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine
  2. Viktor Yelensky – Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor
  3. Volodymyr Kulyk – Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences
  4. Yuriy Polishchuk – Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor
  5. Mykola Riabchuk – Leading Research Scientist, Candidate of Political Sciences
  6. Serhiy Rymarenko – Senior Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences, Senior Research Scientist
  7. Svitlana Nabok  – Junior Research Scientist, Candidate of Historical Sciences

Phone: +38 (044) 285-93-78

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