Department of Theoretical and Applied Problems of Political Science

Head of Department, Professor Galyna Ivanivna Zelenko, Doctor of Political Sciences.

Main purpose, task: research of theoretical and applied problems of political system establishment, institutions of legal state and public society in Ukraine. Training of scientific specialists in the sphere of political science.

The staff of the department consists of 12 employees: head of department, 2 chief research scientists, 2 leading research scientists, 2 senior research scientists, 2 research scientists, 2 junior research scientists, a laboratory assistant, among them 1 corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, 2 doctors of sciences and 8 candidates of sciences.

The department provides post-graduate studies. During the period from 1995 to 2005, 10 candidates of political sciences and 5 doctors of political sciences completed a post-graduate course and defended dissertations.

The employees of the department together with scientists of other institutions are for a long time research the topic “Ukraine in the Context of Transformation of Political Systems in CIS, Baltic, Central and Eastern Europe Countries”. In development of this topic the relative (comparative) method proved to be productive. Use of this method gave the possibility to examine political system of modern Ukraine as a whole, to examine its elements: legal, executive and arbitration powers, their interaction mechanism, main principles in the activities of local self-government bodies, establishment tendencies of party and electoral systems, formation of institutions in legal state and public society. Transformation of the political system in Ukraine as compared to the same process in other post-Socialist countries is shown through studies of general features and differences.

The topic “Ukraine in the Modern Geopolitical Environment: Theoretic and Applied Aspects” was researched by the scientists of the department (the monograph under the same name was published in 2002), as well as “Political System and Institutes of the Public Society in Modern Ukraine” (this monograph is to be published in the 1st quarter 2006 by the Parliament publishing house).

In the year of 2007 the Department had successfully finished researching the scientific problem “Political leadership of the post – socialist space: national and regional aspects”. At the present moment the Department researches new scientific problem – “Political class of modern Ukraine: the specifics of shaping, tendencies of development” (I quarter of the year 2008 – IV quarter of the year2009).

Collective monographs

  • The civil society in contemporary Ukraine: specifecy of establishment, tendencies of development. Under the release of Felix F. Rudych. Kiev, 2006. 412 p.

Individual monographs

  • Felix F. Rudych Political science. Kiev, 2006. 480 p.
  • Felix F. Rudych Comparative political science. Kiev, 2006. 148 p.
  • Anatoly D. Paharev The thinkers about the rulers: the historio – political aspect. Kiev, 2006. 296 p.
  • Galyna I. Zelen’ko Political “matrix” of the civil society: the experience of the Vyshegrad group and Ukraine. Kiev, 2007. 336p.
  • Rostislav V. Balaban The theory of electional system. Kiev, 2007. 112 p.
  • Larisa O. Kochubei Electional tecnologies. Kiev, 2008. 330 p.

Study manuals

  • Political system and the institutions of the civil society in contemporary Ukraine. Felix F. Rudych, Rostislav V. Balaban, Yury S. Ganjurov. Kiev, 2008. 440 p.

Employees of the department:

  1. Galyna Ivanivna Zelenko – Head of Department of Theoretical and Applied Problems of Political Science, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor
  2. Oleg Yurioivych Kondratenko – Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences, Assistant Professor
  3. Tetyana Mykhailivna Lyashenko – Leading Research Scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences
  4. Rostyslav Valeriyovych Balaban – Senior Research Scientist, Candidate of Political Sciences
  5. Nataliya Viktorivna Kononenko – Senior Research Scientist, Candidate of Political Sciences
  6. Leonid Leonidovich Kiyanitsa – Research Scientist, Candidate of Political sciences
  7. Eduard Vasylyovych Shcherbenko – Research Scientist, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences
  8. Svitlana Grygorivna Brekharya – Junior Research Scientist, Candidate of Political Sciences
  9. Valeriy Valeriyovych Machuskiy – Junior Research Scientist, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Contacts: Tel: 286-27-81

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