Useful references

Academic Institutions, Scientific Research Institutes, Centers Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
http://www.i-soc.kiev.uaInstitute of Sociology Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of History of Ukraine Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine
http://www.uintei.kiev.uaUkrainian Institute of Scientific Technical and Economic Information (UkrISTEI) Center for Holocaust Studies

State Authorities of Ministers of Ukraine Rada of Ukraine of Ukraine of Education and Science of Ukraine Institute of Strategic Research

Information and Analytic Centers Center of Political Management (“Political Management” Journal) of Global Strategies“Political Thought” Magazine
http://www.ucipr.kiev.uaUkrainian Independent Center of Political Research
http://www.icps.kiev.uaInternational Center of Prospective Studies

Information Agencies

http://www.ukranews.comUkrainian News

Internet – Mass-Media Pravda“Tribune” Internet Newspaper“ForUm” Internet Newspaper“Context” Business Information Agency“Glavred” Independent Analytic Agency

Libraries, Magazines Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine
http://nplu.kiev.uaNational Parliament Library of Ukraine
http://www.library.ukma.kiev.uaNaUKMA Scientific Library of Russian Humanitarian Institute
http://www.e-lib.infoElectronic Library“Man and Politics” Ukrainian Social and Humanitarian Scientific Magazine

Web-Pages of Individual Scientists, Investigations and Practice of Global Information Society

Search Systems, Catalogs of References
http://www.uaportal.comUkrainian Portal of Educational Sites
http://www.allrunet.ruAll Russian Internet