On November 23, 2020, the National Democratic Institute in Ukraine, the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Legal Policy and on Digital Transformation organized an expert discussion of the draft Law “On Political Parties of Ukraine”. Among the experts invited by the organizers, Head of Department of Theoretical and Applied Problems of Political Science Galyna Zelenko took part in the event.

During the discussion, Galyna Zelenko expressed her views on the content of the proposed law, predicted the consequences of the introduction of certain provisions proposed in the law. The expert criticized the, in her opinion, excessive liberality of party legislation in Ukraine, which provokes a set of institutional problems that led to the establishment of multiparty system in Ukraine, discredits the institution of political parties and complicats the political structuring of Ukrainian society. During the discussion, Galyna Zelenko emphasized that the existing problems in party building cannot be solved only by adopting even an effective Law on Political Parties, as this problem requires an inventory of election legislation, institutionalization of power, etc.