Specialized board of Studies

According to Regulation (approved by the Order of SCC No. 429, dated 29.08.2000) specialized scientific boards are the main link in the system of scientific staff certification for the highest qualification, created and acting under the guidance of SCC of Ukraine in scientific research, scientific and technical institutions, higher educational establishments of ІІІ-ІV accreditation grade and other organizations carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research, possess sufficient staff and material resources for training of the highest qualification scientists.

Specialized scientific board of the Institute accepts dissertations for Doctor and Candidate of Political Sciences defenses in the following specialties (according to SCC list):

  • 23.00.01 – Theory and History of Political Science
  • 23.00.02 – Political Institutes and Processes
  • 23.00.05 – Ethno-Political Science and Ethno-State-Studies