Brief Information about the Institute

Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (until 1997 – the Institute of National Relations and Political Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) was established by decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine dated 11th December 1991.

The Institute was formed for the purpose of profound and comprehensive research of problems which acquired special importance after proclamation of independence of Ukraine. Those include modern dynamics of political institutes and processes, correlation between politics and ethno-national relations, necessity to develop new paradigms of ethno-national development, prevention of ethno-national conflicts, modeling of optimal ethno-politic options, management technologies in political and inter-ethnic relations, examination of draft laws, state and non-government development programs in various spheres of public life.

The Institute trains specialists of highest qualification, it provides post-graduate and post-doctorate courses.

The Institute maintains broad international relations, takes part in implementation of joint research projects with Ukrainian and foreign scientific institutions and public organizations, and holds active dialog with representatives of various political parties, movements, confessions on optimal ways of the further development of Ukraine.

Scientific journal «POLITICAL STUDIES»

Political Studies. 2023. № 2 (6). 200 р. ISSN ISSN 2786-4774 (Print); 2786-4782 (Online)