Centre of Historical Political Science

The head of the Center is Yuri Shapoval, Chief Research Scientist of the Department of Theory and History of Political Science, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

The Center for Historical Political Studies was established in 1998 with the aim of launching a new research area at the Institute – Historical Political Science.

The main directions of the Center’s work: 

  • implementation of qualified research on the patterns and trends of historical development of political structures of Ukrainian society;
  • assessment of the effectiveness of political strategies of the past;
  • comparative analysis of different political systems and their elements in terms of historical retrospect and the needs of the current political situation.

Tasks of the Center for Historical Political Studies: 

  • processing of documentary sources, printed and digitized materials, other information base;
  • publication of research results in the form of monographs, articles, scientific and documentary, reference and encyclopedic publications, information and analytical materials;
  • popularization of historical knowledge through the media, as well as through the Internet;
  • international relations in order to coordinate efforts with scientists from other countries in the study of similar and related scientific problems, as well as – in order to implement joint research projects;
  • making recommendations for modern political and state structures.

The Center has the right to create temporary teams to study specific scientific problems, the implementation of publishing and research projects.

The Center is the initiator and coordinator of a number of important research projects.

In 1999-2003, the author’s team, united around the Center, prepared a fundamental six-volume edition “Political History of Ukraine. XX century”, published by the Kyiv publishing house “Genesa”.

The authors analyzed in detail the main political events, factors and essence of political processes in Ukraine, ideological and theoretical achievements of Ukrainian political thought from the end of the XX to the beginning of the XXI century.

In 2007, a one-volume scientific publication “Ukraine: Political History. XX – the beginning of the XXI century “(volume of 89 accounting and publishing sheets), which was prepared under the auspices of the Center by the author’s team of scientists from academic institutions and institutions of higher education.

At the initiative of the Center in 2012, a large-scale project was implemented to prepare an academic publication – “Political Encyclopedia” with a total volume of more than 157 accounting and publishing sheets.

Recently, a number of political and historical publications have been published under the editorship and authorship (co-authorship) of the head of the Center. In particular:

  • Shapoval Y. Petro Shelest / designer O.M. Ivanova. Kharkiv: Folio, 2013. 127 p. (Famous Ukrainians).
  • Shapoval Y. “Alexander Shumsky. Life, destiny, unknown documents: research, archival materials “. Kyiv – Lviv: Modern Ukraine, Ukr. propylaea, 2017. 742 p
  • Shapoval Yu. I., Zolotarev V.A. “Guillotine of Ukraine”: People’s Commissar Vsevolod Balitsky and his fate. Moscow: Political Encyclopedia, 2017. 406 p .: ill. (History of Stalinism)
  • Shapoval Y. Touch history. 2nd ed., Supplement. Kyiv: Parliamentary Publishing House, 2017. 504 p.
  • Shapoval Y. Party “nationalist”. The paradoxes of Peter Shelest. Lviv: Anetta Antonenko Publishing House; Kyiv: Nika-Center, 2020. 216 p.

In 2018, at the initiative of the Center for Historical Political Studies, the publication of the series “Political Portraits” began. Currently, 15 books of this series have been published, the average volume of each of which is 20 accounting and publishing sheets. Today it is the largest scientific and publishing project carried out by Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.


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