Centre of Historical Political Science

Head of Centre, Yuriy Ivanovych SHAPOVAL,
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor

Centre of Historical Political Science (CHPS) was established in 1998 in order to start a new exploration direction of the Institute.

Main purpose of CHPS:

Qualified research of regularities and trends in historical development of political structures of Ukrainian society, assessment of effective political strategies of the past, comparative analysis of different political systems and their elements from the point of view of historical retrospective and requirements of modern political situation.

Tasks of CHPS:

  • analysis of documentary sources, published materials, and other information base;
  • publishing of the research results as scientific works, articles, documentary scientific publications, information and analytic materials;
  • development of recommendations for modern political and governmental structures;
  • popularization of accumulated knowledge via mass media;
  • maintaining of international relations in order to co-ordinate efforts with scientists of other countries in research of similar or close scientific problems, and to implement joint research projects.

CHPS has been given the right to create temporary scientific teams for research on specific problems.

CHPS has acted as initiator and coordinator of work on implementation of several important scientific research projects. For example, the team of authors, united by CHPS, prepared in 1999-2003 a fundamental 6-volume edition named “Political History of Ukraine in XX Century”, published by “Geneza” Kyiv publishing house.

Contacts: Tel: 285 8176

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