Center of Jewish History and Culture

Center of Jewish History and Culture was formed on the basis of Department of Jewish History and Culture in 2008. From the moment of its formation in January 1992, Department of Jewish History and Culture was a leading scientific centre of Jewish studies in Ukraine. To a certain extent the Department, and now the Center, is considered as the successor of scientific traditions of the Cabinet of Jewish Culture, Language and Folklore, which existed in the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936-1949 under the guidance of Eli Spivak, the prominent philology scientist.

Main directions of scientific research of the Department

          The main purpose of scientific research is studying historical and cultural heritage of Ukrainian Jewish community, social-economic and political history of Jews in Ukraine in the 20th century. On this basis, main directions of scientific research are:

  • knowledge of sources, historiography research on the problems of Ukrainian-Jewish relations, development of Jewish studies in Ukraine;
  • language problems (Jewish literature in Ukraine in Hebrew, Yiddish, Yiddish Soviet literature, influence of language issue on socio-cultural and ethno-political development of Jews in Ukraine);
  • historical development of Hassidism on the Ukrainian land. Studies of structure, philosophic grounds, mainstreams of this tendency of Judaism;
  • system of Jewish education in Ukraine: history and contemporary times;
  • Jewish political movements and parties on ethnic Ukrainian lands at the end of 19th – beginning of 20th centuries;
  • Jews in the context of Ukrainian national-liberation endeavors in 1917-1921;
  • Jewish scientific institutions in Ukraine in inter-war period (1918-1939);
  • History of Jews in Ukraine in 1920-1930, Jewish agriculture colonization of the South of Ukraine;
  • catastrophe and resistance of Ukrainian Jewish community during the Second World War;
  • modern conditions and development prospects of Jewish communities in independent Ukraine.

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