Center of Jewish History and Culture

Director of the Center – Anatoliy Yuhymovych Podolskiy, candidate of historical sciences, Leading Research Scientist of the Department of the Ethno-Political Science

The Center for Jewish History and Culture was found in 2008, based on the Department of  Jewish History and Culture. A.Yu. Podolsky was appointed the head of the Center. Since its establishment in January 1992, the Department of Jewish History and Culture has been the leading scientific organ in the field of Jewish studies in Ukraine. The department’s leaders – candidate of philosophic sciences N. F. Gorovska (1992-1995), candidate of historical sciences O. W. Zaremba (1996-2007). The department, which becomes the Center for Jewish History and Culture later on, is considered the successor of Jewish literature’s scientific tradition, language and folklore, and was part of the USSR academy of sciences from 1936 to 1949, under the guidance of prominent scientist – philologist Eli Spivak.

Since 2008 the Center has been a structural unit of the Department of Theory and History of Political Science (Head of the Department M. I. Mikhalchenko)

Since January 1, 2022, the Center for Jewish History and Culture is a structural unit of the Department of Ethno-Political Science (Head of the Department V. O. Kotygorenko).

As of 2022, the Center has five full-time employees, including two doctors and 1 candidate of science.

The aim of the center’s scientific activity is the study of Ukrainian-Jewish heritage, socio-economic and political history in the 20th Century and perspectives on their social and political development in the 21st Century.

The main directions of the center’s scientific research:

  • source studies, historiographical research on the issues of Ukrainian-Jewish relations, the development of Judaism in Ukraine;
  • historical development of Hasidism in the Ukrainian lands. Research of structure, philosophical bases, main currents of this direction of Judaism;
  • the system of Jewish education in Ukraine: history and modernity;
  • Jewish people in the context of the Ukrainian national liberation struggles of 1917–1921;
  • Jewish history of Ukraine in 1920–1930, Jewish agricultural colonization of southern Ukraine;
  • the Holocaust history, the fate of Ukrainian Jewry during World War II, the culture and politics of Holocaust remembrance in modern Ukraine;
  • current state and prospects of the development of Jewish communities in sovereign Ukraine.

Implemented research topics of the center: 

  • 2006-2008 – Jewish Identity: Worldwide Ethnopolitical and Ethnohistorical Context

Scientists of the Center participated in the implementation of targeted research projects:

Employees of the Center joined the implementation of the following research projects of the Institute:

The staff of the Center:

  1. Anatoliy Yuhymovych Podolskiy, Head of the Center, Leading Research Scientist, Candidate of Historical Sciences
  2. Oleg Vitaliyovych Kozerod, Senior Research Scientist, Doctor of historical sciences
  3. Igor Viktorovych Turov, Senior Research Scientist, Doctor of historical sciences
  4. Svitlana Isaakivna Nosova, Research Scientist,
  5. Nataliia Mykolayivna Sinelnikova, Junior Research Scientist,


Phone/fax: +38 (044) 285-90-30;


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