Ukraine celebrates the 32nd year of Independence!

 Today, Ukrainians with weapons in their hands are defending their right to live in an independent and sovereign state, the right for freedom, the right to choose their own future.

Ukrainians are united in defending their independence, striving to restore territorial integrity and build a strong European state.

We are grateful to everyone who stands guard over our Motherland, and we honor those who sacrificed their lives in the fight for Ukraine.

On the day of the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the restoration of the Independence of Ukraine, when our people are fighting against the Russian invaders for the life of their state, defending our will, honor, dignity and independence, we wish each other victory and the long-awaited peace.

We believe in our soldiers, in the strength of our spirit, in our victory!

 Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Happy Ukrainian Independence Day to all of us!