For two days (July 1-2, 2022), the international scientific conference “Still without peace” took place at the University of Warsaw. It was organized by the Center for East European Studies, which is headed by Professor Jan Malicki. Scientists from Poland, Great Britain, France, and Belarus took part in the conference. Among the participants of the conference were also scientists from Ukraine who are currently living abroad. Among them is the chief researcher of our Institute, doctor of historical sciences, professor Yuriy Shapoval.

Professor Jan Malicki opens the conference

 The participants of the international conference discussed the current problems of countering Russian aggression, in particular, in the informational sphere.

Within the framework of the conference, a round table was held on the topic “Russian-Ukrainian war: informational resistance”. Professor Yuriy Shapoval took part in this work and gave a speech.

The participants of the international scientific meeting emphasized on the need to unite the efforts of European countries and strengthen cooperation in the humanitarian, economic, energetical and security spheres to counter Russian aggression.

From left to right: Professor Serhiy Troyan, Professor Antonina Kozyrska, Professor Yuriy Shapoval in front of the building of the Warsaw University Library, where the international conference took place