Head of the Department of Political Institutes and Processes of our Institute, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Galyna Zelenko, gave an interview to the program “About Science. Competently” (presenter – Academician Volodymyr Semynozhenko).

In particular, G. Zelenko noted: “Any constitution is the result of a compromise. In 1996, the influence of leftist and paternalistic sentiments was strong, hence the large number of preconditions for populism in the constitution.” Because – the scientist noted – the young state could not fulfill all the established social guarantees. After the voucher model of privatization, monopolies in the economy and FPG, which have already begun to adapt the norms of the constitution through the relevant procedural legislation, were added to these problems. In the end, this led to the fact that the scissors between formal and real constitutionalism became almost catastrophic. All this was especially acutely manifested during the war, when no one is particularly responsible for anything.

What form of government is better and why the constitution does not work, what should the new social contract be and why it is better to reform institutions as a “package”, about the effects of electoral systems and why for Ukraine dispersion (diffusion) of power is more organic than its concentration?

Halyna Zelenko tried to answer these and other questions in an interview on the YouTube channel of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.