On June 4th, the scientists of the Institute met with the postgraduate student of the University of Wroclaw, Michal Lebduszka. The meeting was attended by Deputy Director for Scientific Work Olexander N. Mayboroda, Heads of the Departments of Ethno-Political Science  Victor A. Voynalovych and National Minorities Victor O. Kotygorenko. The topic of the conversation was the questions concerning the state of Ukrainian national identity and the prospects for its development. The researchers of the Institute familiarized the guest with the latest results of the research of the Institute on the given problem, with the general vision of the ethno-national situation in Ukraine, expressed their readiness to provide M. Lebduszka with the necessary methodological and conceptual support for his work on this topic.

From left to right: M. Lebduszka, O. Mayboroda, V. Kotygorenko, V. Voynalovych