The journal “Political Studies”, the founder and publisher of which is our Institute, is indexed in the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) – an international multidisciplinary catalog of open access journals.

The mission of DOAJ is to disseminate reliable information about scientific peer-reviewed open access journals on the Internet, to provide an opportunity for scientists, libraries, universities and other interested parties to obtain quality and reliable information about the results of scientific research, to promote the integration of journals into the international scientific space. Through this work, DOAJ contributes to the development of science and education.

Journals that meet a number of requirements are included in the DOAJ catalog. These requirements apply in particular to:

  • members of the editorial board;
  • organization of editorial work;
  • review process;
  • copyright compliance;
  • compliance with the periodical publication of the magazine;
  • detection process for prevention of academic dishonesty;
  • compliance with the long-term archiving policy;
  • use of digital article identifiers (DOIs);
  • accessibility and content of the magazine’s website, etc.

DOAJ editors constantly monitor the quality of publications entered into the database.

The introduction of the journal “Political Studies” to DOAJ will contribute to the popularization of the publication, the expansion of the readership and the familiarization of the scientific community with the publications of domestic scientists.