The 20th annual Warsaw East European Conference (WEEC) with the headline topic “How to Deter Russia: Resilience of Ukraine and the Western Community” was held at the Center of East European Studies of Warsaw University on July 1–3.

On its second day, Dr. Mykola Riabchuk, a Principal Research Fellow of the Department of Political Culture and Ideology of our institute and a long-time member of the program council of WEEC, moderated the panel on “Media Under Siege: Tackling Disinformation and Propaganda” and, at the end, he took part in the concluding discussion on “The Future of Ukraine: Resilience, Internal Stability, European Integration”.

In his presentation, he focused primarily on the problem of rule of law (rather than “rule by law”), that has not been solved in Ukraine within the past thirty years, and argued that no other problems can be effectively tackled without the proper solution of that crucial one. First of all, he averred, the legal conditions – judiciary, law-enforcement, anti-corruption – strongly determine economic development, direct foreign investment in particular, and secondly, they largely influence public trust in state institutions, enhance (or undermine) social stability and disable (or enable) external propagandistic manipulations.

During the discussion

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