All-Ukrainian (with international participation) conference “XIII Dragomanov Readings: Ukraine in European and World History: Modern Scientific and Educational Discourse” was held at Dragomanov Ukrainian State University. On this day, the teaching staff and students of the faculty gathered for a common goal – the implementation of scientific activity, which is so important, especially during the war.

Scientists from the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Chief Researcher of the Department of Theory and History of Political Science, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Yuriy Shapoval and Leading Researcher of the Department of Ethnopolitics, Candidate of Historical Sciences Anatoliy Podolskiy took part in the work of the conference.

Anatoliy Podolskiy is speaking

Anatoliy Podolskiy spoke at the plenary session of the conference with the report “Memory of the victims of the Second World War as a weapon against Russian aggression (using the example of studying the history of the Holocaust in Ukraine)”. In his report, the scientist emphasized that during the years of state sovereignty of Ukraine, civil society, together with state institutions, slowly but gradually created a culture of memory of Ukrainian Jews, victims of the Holocaust. These are also memorial places, commemoration of the victims of mass murders committed by the Nazis on our land, museum expositions, educational and scientific work. In general, researchers have identified about 2,000 mass burial sites of Ukrainian Jews who were killed by the Nazi occupation authorities in 1941–1944 on the territory of modern Ukraine. Not less than 1,300 of these places were decorated, memorial signs, memorials, etc. were installed during the period of Ukraine’s sovereignty. All that was impossible to imagine during the communist dictatorship on our territory. And the dictatorial, totalitarian regime of modern Russia is a logical and terrible continuation of the Stalinist communist regime, which, like its criminal predecessors, is inherently anti-Ukrainian and anti-Semitic, and, in general, simply xenophobic. At the beginning of the full-scale war, this was clearly demonstrated by the Russian aggressors themselves, when during March 2022 Russian missiles destroyed memorials to the victims of the Holocaust. Thus, the Russian invaders and occupiers are destroying the Ukrainian culture of commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, which was respectfully and carefully created precisely in the years of independence, after the fall of the communist regime. Thus, today’s Russian criminal government and the equally criminal Russian society demonstrate their frank Ukrainophobia and anti-Semitism, continuing the worst traditions of Stalinism.

During the conference

Scientific reports of Dariusz Rogut (Poland), Oleksandr Lysenko, Dmitry Frolov (Finland), Karen Nikiforov, Mykhailo Zhurba, Andrii Bulvinskyi were also announced at the plenary session. The reports of other speakers will be published in the online collection of conference materials.

Conference program

Video recording of conference reports