Vitaliy Oleksandrovych Pereveziy

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic StudiesІнститут_політичних_і_етнонаціональних_досліджень_імені_І._Ф._Кураса_НАН_України 01011, Київ - 11, вул. Генерала Алмазова, 8 Тел.: 285-65-61

Scientific Secretary, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant Professor

Born in 1972. In 1994 graduated from History Faculty at Prykarpatya University (Ivano-Frankivsk). From 1995 to 1998 was a post-graduate student at Dragomanov National Pedagogic University. In 1998 defended the Candidate dissertation with the theme “Educational Role of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in 20-30s of the 20th century”.

Since 1999 was a Senior Research Scientist of the Department of Ethno-Political Science at I.F. Kuras IPES of NAS of Ukraine. As a member of Center of Church Problems and Ethno-Confessional Research deals with the interaction problems of religion and politics, state-church relations, religious conflicts. During his work at the Center, took part in development of scientific research “State-Church Relations in Modern Ukraine”, “Role of Religious Organizations in Development of Civil Society in Modern Ukraine”, “Social and Political Orientations of Religious Organizations in Modern Ukraine”. Author of more than 30 scientific publications, among which there is an individual monograph “Serving to God and People: Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church between Two World Wars”. For essential scientific gains was awarded with the Young Scientist Scholarship of the President. In 2001, on the occasion of the Youth Day, he was awarded with the prize of Kyiv City Mayor. Besides his scientific work, performs teaching. Since 1998 he has been the Assistant Professor at the Chair of Philosophy and Social Humanitarian Disciplines in the State Academy of Accounting and Audit Statistics of the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine.