On May 14, 2023, Anatoliy Podolskiy, a leading researcher of the Department of Ethnopolitics of our Institute, candidate of historical sciences, gave an interview to Suspilne Television (Public. Culture) as part of the program “Cultural Instinct”. The interview was devoted to the problem of falsification, the use of the historical past for anti-Ukrainian political purposes by our enemy Russia during the modern war. The list of interview questions was quite broad and touched on the problem of the origins of anti-Semitism, why the Stalinist regime was partly responsible for the Holocaust, and how today Russian propaganda instrumentalizes anti-Semitism…

During the interview, Anatoliy Podolskiy drew attention to the fact that the fates of Ukrainians and Jews during the communist dictatorship in the last century were similar, both peoples were stateless and suffered both during Stalinism and during the Second World War. Speaking about today’s radical Ukrainophobia of the criminal Russian Putin regime, the scientist drew historical parallels with the policy of state anti-Semitism in the times of Nazi Germany. In general, the interview emphasized that xenophobia and discrimination were inherent in all totalitarian regimes of the last century. A. Podolsky noted: “the current Putin regime in Russia absorbs the worst anti-human features of both Stalinism and Hitlerism.”

Video recording of the interview