The All-Ukrainian interdisciplinary scientific and practical online conference “Problems of the Civilizational Subjectivity of Ukraine: The Mission of Science and Education”, which took place in Kyiv on 29–30 September, 2022, was dedicated to the discussion of the actual theoretical and practical problems of the development of Ukrainian society in the sphere of the formation of the subjectivity of the individual, community and society. One of the co-organizers of the event was Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Director of the Institute, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Oleg Oleksiyovych Rafalskiy took part in the conference and gave a speech.

Devoting his speech to the problem of the subjectivity of Ukraine, O. O. Rafalskiy noted that from the first days of independence, our state had to solve at least two strategically important tasks on which the subjectivity of any modern country is based: the development of a sovereign national state and its integration into the system of international relations.

Oleg Rafalsky during the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical online conference

The solution of these tasks, the speaker emphasized, remains relevant even today, accompanied by the action of objective factors of the global level and the tendencies of modern social development. Russia’s war against Ukraine – the issue of state policy of national state security and sovereignty was sharply put on the agenda. In connection with this, the problem of the civilizational subjectivity of Ukraine in these conditions also acquired a distinct security meaning. Therefore, now, it is worth focusing attention on understanding the problem of civilizational subjectivity of Ukraine and finding answers to the questions: with what potential of material and spiritual values does it represent itself in the geopolitical space; what civilizational ideas and projects it implements in our lives and offers to the world; did the state take place as a subject of history and modernity?

The search for ways to solve these and other important problems, noted O. O. Rafalskiy, is now, as before, in the focus of attention of domestic scientists, employees of scientific institutions and institutions of higher education of Ukraine. Today, society needs objective scientific knowledge, an understanding of why our historical fate was so difficult, and sometimes tragic. The main task, the speaker emphasized, is to develop a clear algorithm of actions related to understanding what Ukraine offers to the world and what it seeks in it.

Our country made its choice in favor of freedom and democracy and continues to persistently implement the policy of the Euro-Atlantic vector of its development with a strong emphasis on the formation of civilizational subjectivity, which makes it possible to perceive our state as European. The world should get to know Ukraine, get an adequate idea of ​​its tumultuous historical development, its interests and public feelings, feel all the components of subjectivity embedded in the Ukrainian mentality – stressed O. O. Rafalskiy.

Employees of the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor T. A. Bevz and Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor M. S. Karmazina took part in the work of the conference and made scientific reports.

The participants of the scientific event were scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and national branch academies, teachers of institutions of higher and postgraduate education, teachers of secondary schools, psychologists, social pedagogues, students and graduate students.

 Video recording of the scientific and practical conference