Chief Research Scientist of Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Tatiana Bevz took part in the III International Research Online Conference “Historical and Cultural Heritage: Preservation, Access, Use”. The conference took place on April 21-22, 2021. The scientific event was organized by the National Aviation University with the participation of the Central State Electronic Archive of Ukraine, the Lithuanian State New Archive and the Kaunas Regional State Archive (Republic of Lithuania). The conference was attended by 86 scientists from Ukraine, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. The main attention of the participants was paid to the activities of archival, museum and library institutions in the preservation, use and access to historical and cultural heritage.

During the conference

In her report “The problem of actualization of historical memory in the context of the political influence of regional elites” Tatiana Bevz stressed that historical memory not only shapes the picture of the past, but also constructs the meanings of the present. In Ukraine, the speaker stressed, the politics of memory is a symbolic resource not only of national but also regional elites, which, on the one hand, “can create a favorable ground for the growth of multiple and complementary identities”, and on the other – “can stimulate the growth of polar and conflicting identities”.

Tetiana Bevz

In conclusion, the speaker stressed that, given that the historical past is becoming an ideological present, the Ukrainian society needs a balanced state policy of national memory at both the national and regional levels.