Olena Andreeva, a junior researcher at the Department of Political Institutions and Processes of our Institute, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, has been selected to participate in the program for building the potential of young professionals “Prospects of multi-level governance, decentralization and human rights”.

The program is organized by Lund University as part of the Swedish Institute for Young Professionals Academy (SAYP). Every year, the university conducts comprehensive training intensives for young professionals from the countries of the Eastern Partnership of the EU and the Western Balkans. This program is aimed at exploring best practices in building governance structures in Sweden, as well as sharing experiences, enhancing knowledge and networking in the fields of public administration, policy-making and sustainable governance.

Lund University (Sweden)

An important part of the program is the exchange of experience between participants from different countries, such as Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia, regarding the implementation of decentralization measures based on the principles of respect for human rights, through academic research, the work of public organizations, and the activities of public administration bodies. This year, five Ukrainian participants – representatives of the scientific community, institutions of civil society and local self-government – are taking part in the international academic program.