On April 26, 2024, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University hosted an international webinar on the topic “The Last Soviet Famine of 1946/47: Mass Mortality in Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia in the Postwar Period.” Among the participants of the event are well-known scientists – professors Hryhoriy Grabovych, Olya Gnatyuk, Roman Shporlyuk and others.

The meeting was moderated by the Director of the Ukrainian Institute, Professor Serhiy Plokhiy. About 100 interested people pre-registered to participate in the webinar online.

Ukrainian Research Institute of Harvard University

(Photo by Yu. Shapoval)

The webinar presented and discussed the results of the three-year work of a group of scientists on the study of the “forgotten” tragic episode of Soviet history before Gorbachev’s “perestroika”. Among the participants of this group is the chief researcher of the Department of Theory and History of Political Science of our Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Yuriy Shapoval. He made a report on little-known political aspects of the history of the famine of 1946-1947. Professors Philip Slaveski (Australia) and Hiroaki Kuromiya (USA) gave two more presentations at the meeting of this webinar group.

Yuriy Shapoval, Serhiy Plokhiy, Philip Slaveski


During the meeting

(From left to right: Hiroaki Kuromiya, Serhiy Plokhiy, Philip Slaveski, Yurii Shapoval)