ERIH PLUS is a European index of academic journals in the humanities and social sciences (HSS).

Scientific journals that meet a number of criteria are included in the system of indexing and referencing. In particular, the relevance of the journal for European researchers and research areas, the availability of a digital object identifier (DOI) and membership in Crossref, the availability of the journal in open access, the compliance of the editorial policy of the publication with European standards, the journal’s membership in other scientometric databases and its publication for at least two years.

In addition, compliance with the procedures of external independent review of manuscripts of articles, the appropriate level of the composition of the academic editorial board, the availability of the publication’s own publicly accessible website and accessibility on the Internet, and the provision of certain conditions for the quality composition of the journal’s authors are evaluated. Author composition of the journal is a separate requirement for its content. Authorship of the journal is analyzed by evaluating reviews for the last two years of publication.

The decision to include a journal in the European index of academic journals ERIH PLUS was made by the Advisory Group headed by Professor Alain Peyraube (CNRS, Paris, France). The experts include scientists from 33 European countries.

Thanks to the inclusion of the journal in the European index of academic publications ERIH PLUS, a wider circle of European scientists will be able to familiarize themselves with the content of the journal articles, which will contribute to the development of domestic political science and its integration into the European scientific space.