The journal “Political Studies” is posted on the digital platform of the Library Portal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “LibNAS UA” in the “Journals of the Academy” section.

LibNAS UA is an information system designed to consolidate, unify, store and provide wide access to a complex of scientific data accompanying the results of the scientific activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The library portal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine adheres to the policy of open access to published material, recognizing as a priority the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and the exchange of knowledge for the sake of global social progress.

The information block of the portal contains the full texts of articles published on the pages of the journal “Political Studies”, the founder and publisher of which is our Institute.

Users of the portal have the opportunity (under the terms of the Creative Commons license) to freely read, download, copy content for educational and scientific purposes, as well as distribute it with a mandatory indication of authorship.

The organization and support of the digital format of the publication, despite its time-consuming nature, provides significant advantages for researchers in the process of finding sources of scientific information, partners, reporting and evaluating the results of scientific activity. In addition, such a system implements the strategic function of preserving the scientific heritage in digital format.