Leading researcher at the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Podolskiy gave an open online lecture on the topic: “Ukraine at war. Historical parallels with the past. The pathway to victory over the enemy. Among the listeners were more than 150 teachers, PhD students and undergraduate students of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences (NULES) of Ukraine.

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy of the University Inna Savitska addressed the audience with an introductory speech. She stressed the urgency of the topic of the lecture, stressed that it is right now – in terms of martial law – appealing to our historical past will help us to understand the present, to a large extent – will determine the future.

Inna Savytska

During his lecture, Anatoliy Podolskiy drew parallels between history and the present: the extermination of Jews by Hitler’s Nazis and the Russian Federation’s genocide against the Ukrainian nation in Ukraine.

Anatoliy Podolskiy. During the online lecture

 If people do not assimilate the lessons of history, A. Podolskiy stressed out, they are doomed for a repeat of them. The refrain of the speech was the statement: we will no longer be able to study the past, history, without drawing parallels with modern war. From now on, the experience of Ukrainians in occupation, captivity, and the experience of participants in hostilities will prevail over the historical military experience of mankind. “Enemies despise our past, they want to steal our memory. We are talking about our culture, our history, art, spiritual life “- said Anatoliy Podolskiy.

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