On July 15, 2021, the 26th World Congress of Political Sciences concluded its work. The congress was held online. The theme of the Congress: “New nationalisms in the open world.”

During the World Congress of Political Science

More than 1000 scientific events of the Congress (panel discussions, inaugural lectures, round tables, etc.) were attended by more than 1,000 participants – scientists from 70 countries.

The participants’ attention was focused on the problems of new varieties of nationalism, which has become widespread in the modern world. Scientists see a certain paradox in this, because its (nationalism) development takes place in a period of openness, globalization and increasing interdependence. In addition, it was noted during the Congress, the new nationalism is supported in both poor and rich countries. This phenomenon requires political scientists to answer a number of questions, including: “What is the new nationalism, who are the new nationalist leaders and what are the similarities and differences between the new nationalisms and their predecessors?”; “How can new nationalisms be interpreted and classified?”; “How does the new nationalism correlate with populism and authoritarianism?”; finally, “What are the potential effects of the new nationalism on political systems, global governance, international relations, political behavior, etc.?” In general, most participants in the discussions noted the fact that the new nationalism is becoming one of the main challenges of the XXI century, given its sophistication, versatility, aggression, and therefore less predictable.

Meetings of the governing bodies of the International Association of Political Sciences (IPSA) took place during the Congress.

Oleg Rafalsky, President of the Association of Political Sciences of Ukraine, has been elected to the organization’s highest representative body, the IPSA Council. As a member of the IPSA Council, O. Rafalsky participated in the election of the President and the IPSA Executive Committee. Professor Diana Pinderhouse from the USA has been elected the new president of the organization.