On May 17, 2024, the XXVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Theory and Practice of Public Administration” was held at the State University of Moldova (Kishinev). Scientists from Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania took part in the conference.

The report “Public control, public participation and solidarity in the support of democratic values ​​in the conditions of war in Ukraine” was presented by Ukrainian scientists – Doctor of Public Administration, Professor, Professor of the Public Policy Department of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University Tetyana Vasylevska and Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, chief researcher of the Department of Theory and History of Political Science of our Institute Tetyana Bevz.


During the conference

Tetyana Vasylevska noted that the activity of civil society, the effective functioning of procedures that ensure public participation and citizen control over the processes of adoption and implementation of public-management decisions are absolutely necessary in peacetime conditions and it is very important not to lose these influences during war, in periods of uncertainty and social instability. In the speaker’s opinion, the role of public control over the activities of power institutions in wartime remains outside of due research attention. The state of war in the country complicates the implementation of democratic values ​​and principles of social life and carries the risk of curtailing the activity of civil society. Thus, the experience of Ukraine shows that in a situation of full-scale war, some constitutional rights of citizens may be limited, and it becomes difficult to ensure the openness and transparency of government activities. Weakening the possibilities of public influence and control over the activities of the authorities is one of the challenges of martial law. At the same time, as practice proves, even in such difficult conditions, civil society is able to remain an actor of influence on management processes in the state.

Tetyana Vasylevska

Tetyana Bevz emphasized the problem of solidarity, stressing that public participation contributes to social solidarity, creates conditions for interaction and cooperation between citizens. Collective discussion of problems, joint decision-making and mutual support contribute to the formation of a sense of unity, the development of solidarity structures and initiatives, for example, such as public funds, joint projects and volunteer activities. Public control is an important tool of interaction between the public and the authorities, raising the level of political culture and social consolidation.

Ukrainians, the speaker emphasized, have proven that they are capable of overcoming the challenges of wartime, defending their independence, territorial integrity and unity.

Tetyana Bevz

The speaker expressed her gratitude to Moldova for its support and assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians, as well as for the decisions made by the Moldovan government, in particular, the continuation of temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine, which “is a demonstration of solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Tetyana Bevz thanked Moldovan scientists for their solidarity with Ukrainian scientists.