Ethnopolitics in Ukraine in the context of modern socio-political changes: real state, challenges, prospects

Ethnopolitics in Ukraine in the context of modern socio-political changes: real state, challenges, prospects

Ethnopolitics in Ukraine in the Context of Modern Socio-political Changes: Real State, Challenges, Prospects : monograph / edited by Voynalovich V. A. (head, scientific editor), Yelensky V. Ye., Kulyk V. M., Malinovska O. A., Nabok S. V., Polishchuk Yu. M., Ryabchuk M. Yu. Kyiv : Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2023. 424 p.
ISBN 978-617-14-0077-1

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Етнополітика в Україні в умовах сучасних суспільно-політичних змін: реальний стан, виклики, перспективи : монографія / автор. кол.: Войналович В. А. (керівник, наук. ред.), Єленський В. Є., Кулик В. М., Малиновська О. А., Набок С. В., Поліщук Ю. М., Рябчук М. Ю. Київ : ІПіЕнД ім. І. Ф. Кураса НАН України. 2023. 424 с.
ISBN 978-617-14-0077-1

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The monograph analyzes the experience of European countries’ policies in the ethnopolitical sphere and the possibilities of its use in domestic ethnopolitical practices. The dynamics of changes in national and civic identities in Ukraine and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on these dynamics are studied. The problem of interrelation and mutual influence of ethnic policy and migration policy in the context of Russian aggression and subsequent reconstruction is actualized. The models of state policy in the religion sphere of Ukraine are comprehended, the essential features of secularization measures are substantiated. The peculiarities of the memory policy in context of the information war imposed by Russia are substantiated. The authors formulated proposals for public authorities and local self-government bodies on modeling and implementing domestic ethno-national policy in wartime and post-war modernization processes.


Introduction. Relevance of research (Viktor Voynalovich)

Chapter 1. Ethnopolitics of European countries: cultural protectionism, multiculturalism, securitization of religion, protection of the rights of national minorities (Viktor Yelensky)

Chapter 2. Ethnopolitics in Ukraine: modern scientific discourse (Yuri Polishchuk)

Chapter 3. «Grouping around the flag»: civic identity as factor social and political consolidation in the conditions of war (Mykola Ryabchuk)

Chapter 4. Ethnopolitics and transformation of multi-ethnicity independent Ukraine (Volodymyr Kulyk)

Chapter 5. Ethnopolitics and migration politic: to question interconnection and mutual influence (Olena Malinovska)

Chapter 6. State, society and church: problems of forming a model of partnership relation in the face of Russian aggression (Viktor Voynalovich)

Chapter 7. Politic of memory in the conditions of information war: ethnopolitical context (Svetlana Nabok)

Epilogue. Result of research and their novelty

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