Scientific notes: Issue 31, 2006

Scientific notes: Issue 31, 2006

Scientific Notes / Digest. – Kyiv: Kuras Institute of Political and Ethno-National Research of NAS of Ukraine, 2006. – 161 pages /Political Science and Ethnology Series. Issue 31

Original name:

Наукові записки / Збірник. – К.: Інститут політичних і етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І.Ф.Кураса НАН України, 2006. – 161 с. /Сер. "Політологія і етнологія". Вип. 31.

Collection is a special issue of the "Scientific Notes" and is kept material of the international scientifically-practical conferences "Propaganda and "jewish question" in mass-media on the of territory of Ukraine occupied by nazis, 1941 - 1944", which conduct an the Centre of Holocaust History Studies 21-22 february 2006. Conference is part of the exploratory project "Anti-semitic doctrines in mass-media in occupation period of Ukraine: areas wailled and civil german administrations of Transnistry (1941 - 1944)", executed by the Centre.

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