Scientific notes 3 (77)

Scientific notes 3 (77)

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Наукові записки Інституту політичних і етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І.Ф.Кураса НАН України. – 2015 / 3 (77) – с. 303

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Mariia Karmazina The research algorithm of the political identities in modern Ukraine (based on the example of the city / urban population as a political community identities)

Oksana Zorych Political identity transformation of Poltava citizens during the presidential election campaign from 1991 to 2014

Nataliia Rotar Party identity of Chernivtsi community in parliamentary elections 2002-2014

Tetiana Bevz Contradictions identities in the Donbass region

Mariia Karmazina Contradictions of identities in modern Ukraine: grounds, manifestations, risks

Mariia Karmazina Information space of Donetsk region: local features

Nataliia Rotar The discourse of the Donbass in the media space of the political elite of the Russian Federation

Larysa Kochubei Information security of state: defences Ukrainian information field (for example, features information and communication technologies in modern Donbass)

Oksana Zofych Public resistance against anti-Ukrainian information warfare

Y. Yaremchuk. Russian Orthodox Church in the information and propagandist construct of the Russian Federation’s policy relative to Ukraine at the present stage

V. Lytvyn, Anatolii Romaniuk The technique of the “sanitary cordon” against radical parties in electoral and parliamentary-government context in Western European countries

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