Scientific notes 4 (78)

Scientific notes 4 (78)

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Наукові записки Інституту політичних і етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І.Ф.Кураса НАН України. – 2015 / 4 (78) – с. 391

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Yaroslav Potarenko The reception of Euromaidan in the modern Ukrainian sociocultural discourse

Lutsyshyn G. Influence of civil society institutes on the process of national consolidation in modern Ukraine

Mykola Riabchuk From the catching-up revolution  to a catching-up modernization

Polyanska V. Empathy as a mechanism of the political-aesthetical experience forming: political-psychological functions

Kovalevskyi V. The contact-center as effective technology of the modern political communications

Lisnychuk O. Populism in Ukraine: Theoretical principles and Problems of Studying the Phenomenon

Rafalsky I. The role of informal associations in the national and state self-Ukraine perestroika period in the USSR

Olha Slavina Functions of symbol in the collective political practice: a view from the perspective of phenomenology and social interactionism

Babka V. Politics of Memory in Ukraine (2005 – beg. 2010): Key Trends

Svitlana Nabok Combatants for Ukraine’s independence: recognition symbolic?

Sergy Rymarenko International standards of the status of national minorities

Biloshitskiy Sergiy Present-day international migration as a political problem and an object of the political science

Volodymyr Kulyk The evolution of language beliefs and attitudes of Ukrainian citizens for the last decade

Kryvytska O. Discourse frontier in social and cultural studies: theoretical methodology aspects

Loboda Tetyana Ethnopedagogics as instrument of forming of national identity

Polischuk Yu. The language policy of the Russian authority in Ukraine (the end of 18th – the middle of 19th)

Panchuk May, Nicolaets Yuri Ethnic and social dominant of demographic processes in Galicia during the end of 1950’s – 1960’s

Natallia Makarenko Modern transformation process in ethnic structure of Ukraine (the example of Ternopil region)

Rudich F. Ukraine has to become an independent geopolitical player – the another way is not possible

Bushansky V. Russian imperial ideology: policy myth

Tancher V., Ruchka A. Majdan as socio-cultural phenomenon

Opanasiuk V. Dynamics of Euro-modernization: strategy, reforms, support

Pereguda Y., Miserzhy S. Finnish model: the degree of operationality for Ukraine

Svidlov Y. Role of army in the formation of the new national identity in Ukraine (Methodological proceedings)

Lyashenko T. Moldova on the way to integration: opposition and government relations

Petrenko K. Features of institutional capacity of NGO’s in Ukraine

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