Unity of Ukraine: history and modernity

Unity of Ukraine: history and modernity

Unity of Ukraine: history and modernity : coll. of science works Materials of the All-Ukrainian science conference, Kyiv, January 19, 2023 / edited by Yu. Zh. Shaihorodskyi; Edited by: Z. V. Zahozhai, V. D. Yaremchuk. KIP&EtS of the NAS of Ukraine. Kyiv–Nizhyn : Рublisher Lysenko М. М., 2023. 208 р.
ISBN 978-617-640-598-6

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Соборність України: історія та сучасність : зб. наук. праць. Матеріали Всеукр. наук. конф., м. Київ, 19 січ. 2023 р. / за ред. Ю. Ж. Шайгородського; упоряд.: З. В. Захожай, В. Д. Яремчук. ІПіЕнД ім. І. Ф. Кураса НАН України. Київ–Ніжин : Видавець Лисенко М. М., 2023. 208 с.
ISBN 978-617-640-598-6

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The collection contains the materials of the All-Ukrainian scientific conference “Unity of Ukraine: History and Modernity”, which took place in Kyiv on January 19, 2023 and was dedicated to the Day of Unity of Ukraine. The scientific event was organized and conducted by the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine together with V. I. Vernadskyi Taurida National University.


 Oleg Rafalskiy. Address to the participants of the All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference “Unity of Ukraine: History and Modernity”

Tetyana Bevz. The Day of Unity of Ukraine as a marker of identity in the conditions of war

Valeriy Soldatenko. Problems of historiographical mastery of the conceptual foundations of Ukrainian unity in 1917–1920

Zoreslava Zahozhai. Between Scylla and Charybdis: the Eastern Galician question in international politics (1920s)

Yuriy Shapoval. Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytskyi on the unity of Ukraine

Vyacheslav Yaremchuk. The development of the idea of unity during the First World War

Bohdan Hrushetskyi. Approaches of the republican and hetman governments to establish the borders of Ukraine (1917–1918)

Yuriy Shaihorodskyi. Unity: legislative and theoretical-practical problems of conceptualization

Oksana Zorych. Unity as a factor of social transformations

Vitaly Kosmyna. The unity of Ukraine in the light of the civilizational analysis of history

Julia Tsirfa. The specifics and conditions of social consolidation as the basis of foreign political identification of Ukraine

Viktor Rybachenko. Pantheon of national heroes as a component of the united state

Anatoly Romanyuk. Crisis of Ukrainian political parties or their existing model?

Ulyana Movchan. Building the unity of the state with the help of political institutions: international experience

Anatoliy Podolskyi. The Jewish community and the unity of Ukraine: today’s challenges. Ukrainian Jews in the struggle against Russian aggression

Nadia Temirova. Figures that united Podillia and Donbas

Evgenia Horyunova. Crimea as an inseparable part of the united Ukraine

Olena Lyubovets. The first attempt to annex Crimea in the 1990s as a manifestation of the imperial ambitions of the Russian Federation

Anna Baskakova. Political and legal status of the city of Sevastopol on the territory of Ukraine: historical aspect

Rostislav Balaban. Unity, regionalism, decentralization

Oleksandr Chorny. Ukrainian political unity during the period of “perestroika” in the USSR

Tatyana Fedotova. The problem of moral distress in the conditions of a military conflict

Tatiana Lyashenko. Populism and political recruitment

Maryna Baranivska. The concept of “people’s power” as a tool of modern populist discourse

Anna Redkina. The influence of globalization factors on the value orientations of young people who study

Natalia Bozhko, Leonid Tsubov. The use of the architectural environment as a tool for destroying the basic foundations of the historical memory of Ukrainians in the Ukrainian SSR in the 1950s and 1960s

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