ISBN 966-504-256-4 (серія) 966-504-261-0 (т.1)

Volume One of A Political History of Ukraine: The 20th Century covers events from the late 19th century to 1917. The authors painstakingly analyze the principal factors and fundamental nature of political processes in Ukraine, the ideological and theoretical achievements of Ukrainian political thought, and the role of the “Ukrainian question” in the Russian Empire. This volume deals with the political processes taking place in the western Ukrainian lands and the tendencies and distinctive features of Ukraine’s development during the revolution of 1905-1907 and in the wartime conditions of World War I.

ISBN 966-504-014-6

The book is based on research in formerly inaccessible archives and other documentary sources and sheds new light on Ukraine’s history in the course of the traumatic twentieth century. The author, a prominent and authoritative Ukrainian historian, analyzes historical events on the premise that none of them occurred in isolation, and that all involve the human factor. The book contains articles about many distinguished figures and their tragic fates during the period of communist dictatorship. Using newly uncovered materials from former Communist Party archives, including the unique repositories of the Cheka – GPU – NKVD – KGB, the author recreates …

ISBN 966-02-1803-6

The publication contains of documents and material on the activities of ONU and UPA in Poland, which are stored in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Poland Republic Administration in Warsaw. By virtue of the forming a joint working group in 1997 to prepare a multi-volume edition of “Ukraine and Poland in the 40s of XX century. Unknown documents from archives of special services”, it is appeared the opportunity to make publicly known the unique sources that reveal a lot important aspects of the history of the OUN and UPA.